Our Services:


PT Perdana Fima Kreasindo will assist you in the arrangement of your annual Meetings,  General Meetings, corporate events,  trainings, workshops, community Events, Sales Meeting, Etc.

Our Team will prepare everything for you, starting from reservations, food and beverage, equipment, multimedia, other requirements, sending of invitations, and providing ushers during shows and events.


Temples, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, rivers, rapid, rafting, surfing, diving, snorkeling, beaches, nature reservations, fishing, mountain climbing, stone-jumping, bungee jumping, water skiing, art and culture, and plain relaxation, and PT Perdana Fima Kreasindo will introduce you to it all.

With our creative minds we innovate awesome events for you. Artistic shows with trance dances, fire walking, glass eating, monkey forests, expeditions to anywhere in Indonesia, cultural performances, lunch/dinner at museums with your choice of food cooking shows, and much more.

PT Perdana Fima Kreasindo will handle your accommodation and local transportation requirements, profiding special services if required, and original themes to make your incentive only yours.


Award Night and ceremonies, international conferences and congresses, major special events, media launches, product launches, boardroom launches, gala dinnerss, Etc. In fully working together with our valued clients, we are able to handle your entire events activity starting from creating the concept, planning and developing it, until execution and implementation.

PT Perdana Fima Kreasindo has a wide network of professionals in event management, who are available to assist with every detail of planning, implementation and delivering of your event, PT Perdana Fima Kreasindo will arrange the venues, accommodation, retail outlets, sight seeing, as well as cultural events, etc.

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